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Maťo a Tereza Držíkovi


Timeflux is Psytrance project of Wirrareka (Matej Držík) and Galactic Sun (Tereza Drzikova) that started in 2011. Wirrareka is the psytrance project of Matej Držík from Piešťany, Slovakia, founded in 2003. Androgyne is his first full-length album, freely released by Timeflux Records, featuring several collaborations alongside Chors. Wirrareka’s sound is a pleasing mixture of dark trippy bass lines, tribal rhythms, and harmonic leads designed to balance the inner cosmos. Inspired by the Tzolkin, Thelema, and spiritual alchemy, Wirrareka unites opposites and merges contrasting elements, producing an original sound that flourishes as the sun rises over the festival dance floor. Some of his tracks also appeared on compilations from Sun Station Records, Arcona Creation Records and Goblin Records. Galactic Sun (Tereza Držíková) started to produce Psytrance in 2011 while joining Wirrareka in studio to creating their unique sound together. They appeared on alot of festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, including Mystika Festival(SK), Chvatimech Festival (SK), Ufo Bufo Festival (CZ), Vibe Festival (CZ), Mystical Waves parties (SK/CZ), Goa Weekend(HU) and many others. Their tracks appeared on Mystical Waves Records and Visionary Shamanics Records.

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