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Jozef Hnídzik / Piešťany

Jozef Hnidzik known by artistic name JUJU PLANET DUB originally comes from Slovak city of Piestany. He is a music producer and at the same time a musician. His music career goes back to 2000 when he started playing at psychedelic trance parties in chill out stages in Slovakia. Later on from the year 2004 he began to create his own music under the name JUJU PLANET DUB. In 2007 he produced TIP TOP UNDERGROUND SOUND which is a mixture of diverse ethno folklore and electro dub. In TIP TOP UNDERGROUND SOUND different musicians perform however some of the instruments are recorded by Jozef himself. At the moment JUJU PLANET DUB with the project TIP TOP UNDERGROUND SOUND are expanding on music production and exploring unique music instruments such as sitar. Jozef's music is defined as a great adventure around the world which is full of diverse folklore rhythm with oriental tunes that are coloured by psychedelic dub sounds. It is a mixture of Dub and ethno dance rhythms full of energy, life and revolutionary thoughts.

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Prečítaj si náš rozhovor s JuJu Planet Dub

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