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We Are In Space 7

Tešíme sa na siedme pokračovanie víkendového mini festivalu na legendárnej chate Kosodrevina v Nízkych Tatrách!

WE ARE IN SPACE-7-indoor festival Low Tatras mountains-Slovakia 13th - 15th October, 2017

Chata Kosodrevina Bystrá dolina, Chopok Juh 977 01 Bystrá GPS: 48.9324757, 19.5971663



ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ …………(0 0) .—oOO– (_)—–. ╔═════════════════╗ ║ Invite your dearest friends!║ ╚═════════════════╝ ‘———————-oOO ……..|__|__| ………. || || ……. ooO Ooo WE ARE IN SPACE-7-kosodrevina Srdečene vás pozývame na siedme pokračovanie úspešneho víkendového mini festivalu


Tento rok v skoršom termíne snáď cez babie leto 13-15. 10. 2017. Môžete sa tešiť na dve pódia s množstvom zahraničných aj domácich interpretov. Tento rok bude piatková noc venovaná labelu FORESTDELIC rec. a sobotnajšia SANGOMA rec. za supportu domácich aj zahraničných djov. Nebude chýbať veľký chillout alternative stage s čajovňou SHANTEA BAR. K dispozícii budú dva bary, jedáleň s denným menu a množstvo obchodíkov. S dekoráciami sa na hlavnom floore po prvý krat na Slovensku indoor odprezentuje 2DECO z Poľska. Ubytovnaie priamo na chate KOSODREVINA - rezervácie pozri dole.


ENGLISH We warmly invite you to join us at mountain Cottage KOSODREVINA (Low Tatras) for the seventh installment of the successful weekend minifestival WE ARE IN SPACE. You can look forward to two stages with a variety of international and local acts. MAIN floor Friday is dedicated FORESTDELIC rec. and Saturday is SANGOMA rec night. Naturally you can also expect a big chillout-alternative floor area with the SHANTEA BAR chai shop. Other attractions include two bars, a canteen with daily specials, lots of stalls, stunning decorations, and gorgeous projections. Accommodation is available on-site at Chalet Kosodrevina in 2,3,4,5,or 6 bed roorms. Arrive by cable car, or enjoy the short walk with beautiful views of the Low Tatras. We look forward to your company! location name of point Chata Kosodrevina Bystrá dolina, Chopok Juh 977 01 Bystrá !!!!! ROOM INFOS and bookings are avalaible from of AUGUST.!!!!! you can book room at Cahata Kosodrevina email adress THANK YOU GPS: 48.9324757, 19.5971663


LIVE ACTS and DJS: •●ૐ●• YUDHISTHIRA-Forestdelic rec MACEDONIA 1st time in Slovakia!!! Yudhisthira is the oldest Macedonian goa/psychedelic trance band, consisted of Ogi and Bugi. Those talented musicians metback in 1997 and decided to make music together. Ogi is a producer (also working as sound engineer for video projects) and DJ and Bugi is multi talented music genius that played in many ethno bands. Their music speaks itself and their live act is a unique trance experience.

•●ૐ●• ANTHILL-Forestdelic rec- MACEDONIA 1st time in Slovakia!!! Out of the depths of the Macedonian underground, a duo with a unique character is making a groundbreak on the international scene with their debut ep this Spring on Forestdelic records. Ogi (Yudhisthira) and Darko (Kala) have joined their powers in creating AntHill, a kicking new project of non-compromising night time psychedelic trance, exploring full power blasting dance music fuelled by their individual experience and production skills. Ant Society features three lively and vibrant tracks full of murmuring synths and flickering soundbursts that are not recommended for anyone wishing to stay peacefully calm and composed. Complex and twisted like an anthill maze, they are perfectly structured and organized like the society of the ants and will definitely make you shifting your mind in micro-macro planes. If you feel the rumbling beneath your feet, jump into the anthill and set yourself on an electric trip to find out how deep the undergrounds go!

•●ૐ●• KALA- Forestdelic rec- MACEDONIA Developing an authentic sound and having passed through different levels in exploration of music production techniques, Kala is now a synonym of pure groovy dancefloor psychedelica fully present in the debut album 'Cosmic Caravan' and the latest EP on native Forestdelic records. The sound is a pretty diverse array of moods and rhythms which works in almost every indoor and outdoor party or festival setting, as long as true psychedelic stomping music is required. The evidence of this can be found amongst many witnesses from many dancefloors around the world like: Germany, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Malta, Croatia, Bosnia, Brazil, Lebanon, Swisserland, Albania, Bulgary, Slovakia, Chez Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Nedherlands. And if you want an ear-on proof of the cosmic experience that happens on Kala's performances, be sure not to miss next time you see it on your party or festival line-up.

•●ૐ●• DAMZAH- Forestdelic rec. BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 1st time in Slovakia!!! Psychedelic trance DJ from Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first contact with electronic dance music was at the end of the year 1995. In the beginning it was Hard Trance, Acid and Hardcore-gabba. Few months later he meets Goa Trance through the sound of projects like Eat Static, Total Eclipse, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Cosmosis etc. In 1996 he began to take Goa / Psychedelic sound much more seriously, and started to collect tapes and CDs with this kind of music. In May 2012 he became official DJ for Forestdelic records. DaMzaH performed all across Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia at the various parties and festivals with artists such as Atriohm, Fungus Funk, Malice in Wonderland, Once Upon a Time/Kliment, Phobos Azazel, ManMachine, Kala, UX/Kris Kylven, Ocelot, Chromatone, Power Source, Dimension 5, Altöm, Psilocybian, Psychomental, Middle Mode, Zyce…etc. The last few years he devoted himself to issuing a compilations, which are Branch Nutation (2015), Quantum Transitions (2016) signed for Forestdelic records. He is considered as one of the pioneers of psychedelic music and culture in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

•●ૐ●• DAKSINAMURTI-Sangoma rec GERMANY 1st time in Slovakia!!! Daksinamurti (दक्षिणामूर्ति) is a psychedelic trance artist and Ethnologist from Marburg, Germany. Besides DJ’ing for over a decade, Till is managing the label Sangoma. In his early youth he fell in love with psychedelic music from the 1960’s, World Music and Reggae. End of the 90’s he discovered what was called “Goa trance” on the beaches and jungle parties in India, and was fascinated by the music’s driving beats, and hypnotic melodies vibrating in the air. He soon started to listen and collect tons of music, and hasn’t stopped since - developing a diverse taste for mind-bending music and studying its effects on minds, and bodies. Daksi is constantly on the quest to find new and exciting psychedelic music to release on the labels Sangoma and Timecode, which he runs with his label partner Emiel (Gata Freak) from Qatar. His passion for traveling, and curiosity in culture, mythology, and conceptions of worldviews lead him to study cultural anthropology and science of religion, which he finished with a magister decree. Having played and traveled in many amazing countries and festivals on all continents, Till combined his passion for ethnology, music, and worked on various projects, and labels within the Psychedelic scene such as Shiva Space Technology, Nexus Media, Dacru and Peak Records among others. During the years Till has built a everlasting reputation within the international scene; sharing his musical visions and vibes at various parties and festivals like Boom (Portugal),Ozora (Hungary) Universo Paralello (Brazil), S.U.N Festival (Hungary), Hadra Trance Festival (France), Rezonance/ Alien Safari (South Africa), Universal Religion (Nepal), VuuV, Antaris, Fusion, Freedom Festival, Psy- Fi (NL).

•●ૐ●• COSINUS-Sangoma rec. SWISS 1st time in Slovakia!!! Michael W. is dj Cosinus born 1979 in Germany. He discovered the world of electronic music at the young age of 13, inspired by artist like Yello, Kraftwerk and the hard rythem of detroit techno and house music . He started his first steps behind a pair of turntables and a mixing desk at a local youth club in his hometown in germany at the age of 15 . In the year 1997 he started to work as a resident dj in several techno clubs in the southern area, he also played at parties all over germany, shared the stage with the big names from the german techno scene. 1998 was the year he changed his musical direction completely – he discovered the world of psychedelic trance and very quickly he started to collect and play this “secret” sound at small private underground parties all over austria, germany and switzerland. Since 4 Years he’s now residing in Switzerland and played 2 years there for Fractal Records, one of the best local organizers and one of the best known records labels to this time. His style can best described as pumping, groovy, snarling, epic forest trance – strictly no cheese. Fits perfect for the early sunrise times, but he also loves to tell weird psychedelic night stories with bpm’s ranging from 145 to 150. Cosinus is a dj not be missed at any party!!

•●ૐ●• DAKSI B2B COSINUS -Sangoma rec-GERMANY/SWISS 1st time in Slovakia!!!

•●ૐ●• JUJU PLANET DUB-Phantasm rec. SLOVAKIA Juju Planet Dub alias Jozef Hnidzik is composer, musician and producer coming from Slovakia. The music world he discovered as a little boy and since he gone through the various styles and musical instruments. Currently he`s discovering diversity, variousness and new dimensions of music without borders. Juju Planet Dub is spicy mixture multi culti ethno world music, dub and psychedelic electronics with deep bass line. He combines classic sounds with creaky psyeffects together with live ethno instruments such as for example magical instrument sitar. At present time he is engaged in the new creation - the alliance of electro and world music. J.P.D shares it with other people. Stay tuned. •●ૐ●• AZRAEL NeuroScotia rec. UK Azrael is a wild psychedelic trance entity - drawn from a fiery crucible of 4/4 beats in the early days of the universe, he was raised by lions in the Sahara desert over a period of 3000 years, and emerged into the modern world following the heavenly appearance of a great comet in the sky. Confused by technology, he channelled electronic sound through the 4/4 beat of his heart and unleashed mind melting psychedelic trance upon the unsuspecting souls of this earth.


•●ૐ●• PETRIX-Transkarpatians–UKRAINE •●ૐ●• ILIJA-PublicBeta Music-MACEDONIA •●ૐ●• OCHEN-Lesna Zajka/Medula-POLAND •●ૐ●• STYROPIAN-psylesia-POLAND •●ૐ●•HARABURDA-Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• GYRRO-Spectral Sound-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• STAFA Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• TURO Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• CUMMIS-Zahadum Sphere - SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• MAVERICK Psyalaska Tribe - SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• SMEAGOL-GOAMAN-Bizzre project-SLOVAKIA


ALTERNATIVE / CHILL OUT/PROGGY FLOOR •●ૐ●• PIXIE ELF- Tribe In /- POLAND •●ૐ●• ABU-PsyWest Crew - POLAND •●ૐ●• MAARA Víc-WizArts-CZ •●ૐ●• AZRAEL- NeuroScotia rec-UK •●ૐ●• MR.GORBY- WizArts-CZ •●ૐ●• JEDNA LEGENDA- WizArts-CZ •●ૐ●• OCHEN-Lesna Zajka/Medula-POLAND •●ૐ●• ILIJA-PublicBeta Music-MACEDONIA •●ૐ●• LIBORSKI-B.e.g-.AT •●ૐ●• PETRIX-Transkarpatians–UKRAINE •●ૐ●• PSYCHOZIX-Kalimeros crew-CZ •●ૐ●• CHICKO-Walhcian Tribe-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• JASCHI-Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• TURO- Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• ELLISDEE-Spectral Sound-SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• INPSYDE- Zahadum Spehere SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• CUMMIS- Zahadum Sphere SLOVAKIA •●ૐ●• KAPCA- Psyalaska Tribe SLOVAKIA



•●ૐ●• 2DEKO-POLAND special main floor lycra and light setup •●ૐ●• PSYALASKA DECO-SLOVAKIA


Sound System powered by ◄A-KA-THA crystal sound system►


EN3 - 20 EUR all weekend 1 night -12 EUR Special price for Polish visitors: 17 EUR all weekend info:


Priatelia uz je mozne si rezervovat ubytovanie na Chate Kosodrevina

REZERVÁCIE : + 421905 516 519 Mail: Dear friends you can book your room at Cahata Kosodrevina

email address" THANK YOU


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