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Erik Tamajka


Jamaj is well-known producer from Piešťany. His first contact with psytrance was in 2000 and in that moment he realised that he want to become a DJ and start to produce his own music. His first gig was in 2006 on the popular place of 4,8 festival in Piešťany. Since then he played on many places through Slovakia and Czech Republic. He strated to produce his own music in 2013. Jamaj was also organizing Andromeda and 4,8 projects. His favourite styles are: Mystic night, Forest, Inteligent dark. Jamaj still tries to improve his sound quality and himslef. He is very thankfull to all the people, who helped him in his professional career, especially to Leftism and Magnetic. Jamaj is looking forward to see you on the floor!

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